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My most recent research publications include both academic and policy/practitioner-focused publications:

More academic-focused:

More policy-focused:

  • Bowstead JC. 2013. What – if anything – is local about domestic violence? Safe 47: 10–13
  • Bowstead JC. 2015. Why women’s domestic violence refuges are not local services. Critical Social Policy 35: 327–349 DOI: 10.1177/0261018315588894
  • Bowstead JC. 2019. Women on the move: Administrative data as a safe way to research hidden domestic violence journeys. Journal of Gender-Based Violence 3:2 233-248
  • Bowstead, Janet C., Stuart Hodkinson, and Andy Turner. 2020. “Uncovering Internally Displaced People in the Global North through Administrative Data: Case Studies of Residential Displacement in the UK.” In The Handbook of Displacement, edited by Peter Adey, Janet C. Bowstead, Katherine Brickell, Vandana Desai, Mike Dolton, Alasdair Pinkerton, and Ayesha Siddiqi, 431-450. London: Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Bowstead, Janet C. 2021. “Stay Put; Remain Local; Go Elsewhere: Three Strategies of Women’s Domestic Violence Help Seeking.” Dignity: A Journal of Analysis of Exploitation and Violence 6 (3): 4. doi:10.23860/dignity.2021.06.03.04.

I have also provided evidence to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Domestic and Sexual Violence [] and the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee on Domestic Violence, Forced Marriage and “Honour”-Based Violence [ ]

Earlier publications and media coverage:

I have been working and writing on women’s domestic violence journeys for many years.  My first academic research was an MA dissertation at the Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit at London Metropolitan University in 2008 which analysed journeys to a selection of women’s refuges in England:

  • Bowstead JC. 2008. The extent and implications of forced migration/relocation for women fleeing domestic violence. London Metropolitan University (unpublished MA dissertation), London.

A presentation given at the British Library from this research is available at:

An article in the journal Violence Against Women which includes this research is available at:

My PhD research analysed domestic violence journeys to access services across England and integrated mapping and statistical analysis with survey, interview and creative groupwork data:

  • Bowstead JC. 2013. The extent and implications of women’s forced migration journeys to escape domestic violence. London Metropolitan University (unpublished PhD thesis), London.

Interim theoretical concepts were published in an in-house journal:

Interim research findings were published in a briefing paper which received considerable media coverage locally, nationally and internationally.

Media coverage included interviews on BBC Radio (Leeds, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire), the front page article of The Independent newspaper in the UK, and online articles from the Netherlands, New York and Somaliland.

The Independent (11 April 2012):

Daily Mail (12 April 2012):

News Track India [India] (12 April 2012):

360 Magazine [Netherlands] (14 April 2012):

Togdheer News [Somaliland](April 2012 – no longer available online):

The New York Times [USA] (17 April 2012):

The Gulf Today [UAE] (18 April 2012):