Women on the move

– the journeyscapes of domestic violence

Research report and maps – copies available on request. Also available to prompt discussion – Playing card game available on request.

journeyscape (ˈdʒɜːni.skeɪp) n.

  1. a travelling from one place to another when viewed as a whole from a single aspect.
  2. the scene or view of a journey, especially a coherent representation of what might otherwise appear fragmented.
  3. a. the overall view of the distance travelled in a journey. b. the overall view of the time taken to make a journey.

journeyscape (ˈdʒɜːni.skeɪp) vb. (tr.)

  1. to improve the existing features of a journey.
Just as an area of land begins to make more sense – and feel safer and more navigable – when it is seen as a landscape; this website explores how a forced journey away from domestic abuse could become more positive when seen and experienced in the context of a journeyscape.
Get involved if you are interested in how domestic violence journeys can be journeyscaped by better understanding, policy and practice.